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Parts Categories

Jetline Aviation provides a wide range of aftermarket spare parts support for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) manufacturers, authorised repair stations, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) manufacturers and overseas after-market parts distributors. We continuously increase our local inventory to better support our customers. Stock we normally carry in our local warehouse are listed below but not limited to:



  • Windshield and Cabin Windows, Deice boots, Radome Boots
  • Bearings, Cable Assemblies, Control Stick Grips, Controls, Decals, Latches, Hinges, Spinners, Vents
  • Fire Extinguishers, First Aid & Safety, Harnesses & Lap Belts





  • PT6A, TPE331, TFE731, PW100/600 Engine Hot Section Inspections (H.S.I.), Overhaul
  • Engine LRUs
  • Engine Consumables, 50/100/200 hourly inspection kits
  • Filters, fittings, fuel pump, fuel control unit








  • Static Shielding, Pitot Tubes, Compasses, EGT/CHT Gauges, ELTs, Intercoms & Headsets, Antennas, Gaskets, Temperature & Pressure Gauges, Static Dischargers, Hourmeters
  • Batteries, Wire, Connectors, Power Plugs, Jumper Cables, Fuses, Switches, Circuit Breakers, Voltage Regulators, Power Supplies,
  • Strobe lights, lamps






Landing Gear

Drag legs, side stays, actuators 



Wheels & Brakes

Main/Nose Wheel Assembly, Brake Assembly, Brake discs, Cylinder, Linings,

Wear pad, Pressure plate, Rivets